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Much to Be Thankful For

The past two years have been quite challenging if you are an educator. At times it is difficult to find reasons to be grateful as enduring the increasing stress of teaching can leave one filling empty. But I would like to take a moment to reflect on the good that has come from the marathon known as “Pandemic Teaching.”

I for one am grateful that I have moved on after 36 years in public education. There is no doubt that the past two years factored in my decision, but I had already planned to exit within by 2021 or 2022. I must take into consideration all of those especially during the last two years who have openly shared ideas whether in person or via social media that made my life easier as a teacher. Twitter has served as my go-to venue for ideas for teaching history. The list of teachers who shared their would take up this page, but for each of you I am eternally grateful. You have made a difference in my teaching and have inspired to me share alike.

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The Students

Despite the hardships of teaching none of it would be possible without the students. As I said previously the past two years that I was in the classroom/home office were not easy. The challenges of teaching were never ending, however I was able to develop better relationships with my students in the remote environment. Many students took advantage of office hours and shared their own trials and tribulations. This is not to say that I did not have a good relationship with students before. I am still in contact with a few even after many years. But under the stress of being at home with siblings and sometimes ill relatives and parents, students bonded with me beyond the academic scope. I became more compassionate as a result of these bonds and more understanding of the hardships that many of students faced daily.

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Over the past 36 years I have worked with a variety of teachers, , some marginal, some good and some excellent. It was at my last site that I became a better teacher as the environment demanded that you put in your best effort. After all that is what we expected from the students. This experience has brought on life-long friendships that extended beyond the walls of the school. Sharing family highlights and watching our children grow was a common theme. But it was not limited to the good times. Having colleagues that understood life’s trials was key to getting through some difficult times. For these people I am eternally grateful.


Finally as a teacher with a family that endured the tensions and frustrations of the profession along with me as I did not always do a good job of leaving work at work, I am also indebted to. Their support as children, yes sometimes my children would help me out decorating my classroom or with information on how to deal with students their age was key to me navigating the ever challenging world of teenagers. Having a wife who is also an educator and that supported in my various endeavors and trials was integral in my longevity. Thank you all.

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