Photo by Snapwire on Much to Be Thankful For The past two years have been quite challenging if you are an educator. At times it is difficult to find reasons to be grateful as enduring the increasing stress of teaching can leave one filling empty. But I would like to take a moment to reflect on the good that has come from the marathon known as “Pandemic Teaching.” I for one am grateful that I have moved on after 36 years in public education. There is no doubt that

Keep It Simple

Simple Pexels-anna-nekrashevich Too Much Over the past three school years, teachers have been subjected to ever-changing grading policies, mask wear controversies, attacks on their ability to teach, and the desire to fulfill every requirement thrown at them for online learning. This is just the shortlist of stressors. Recent studies show that almost one-third of teachers are considering leaving the profession in the next five years citing mental health issues, burnout, unrea

You Have to Start Using Canvas Next Week

Photo by samer daboul on A Teacher’s Nightmare You have just spent the entire summer thinking about how you are going to teach your seventh grade science class in September. Periodically you go online to find some new lesson ideas as you are always looking for new ways to engage your students. Over the past school year you used Google Classroom as the instructional platform for students. It was fairly intuitive for both yourself and the students. Two weeks before t

Use This, Use That

Photo by cottonbro on Overwhelmed? As teachers we are are bombarded by the constant influx of technology. Every year the floodgates of technology tools increase it seems tenfold. At the beginning of year professional development is ramped up and there are more tools to use. Do you ever feel like you are looking your toolbox and want to empty it out. Maybe it is time to focus on just a few tools. I know for myself there was always the temptation to use anything that