My two decades of experience as a technology integrationist will provide you with quality professional development and guarantee measurable results.  I work with school sites and districts to determine their needs first using a pre-assessment. The next step in the process is developing a plan that will meet teachers' needs and increase student achievement. Professional development is not a one-time make-and-take experience. It is ongoing and must have measurable outcomes.

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Do you have a need for professional development in course design such as Canvas? My years of experience in course design and implementation will guide staff to the successful application of the platform.  As an experienced distance learning teacher, I provide training in module setup and the use of  LTIs. I am Canvas-trained in the latest pedagogy in the use of online courses and can help develop a platform that empowers student agency. As the upcoming school year looms ahead there is a need for innovative course design to meet the needs of students who have thrived in the distance learning environment. I can meet those needs with professional learning that will assist teachers in course design.

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Being a new teacher is full of challenges. Implementing technology is one of them. Realizing that many teacher education programs provide little guidance on how to integrate technology into the classroom and today's environment demands it more than ever, T4edtech is now providing free consultations to new teachers.

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Your staff needs are a priority. In the initial consultation, we will discuss how a personalized plan for teachers can be developed using Universal Design Learning concept. Understanding that all learners come into a session with different levels of expertise and experiences is key for any type of sustainable growth. Working collaboratively a needs assessment will be developed so that the sessions can be tailored to the needs of the teachers.


This process takes in consideration the needs of the teachers along with how the professional development will increase student achievement. Utilizing the best delivery system to accommodate teachers is key in process as well as the pedagogy behind the focus.


This is the interactive component of the plan. Here is where the participants will be actively engaged in the learning process. Sessions will be focused on both participant learning and the application of the content. Additionally, working collaboratively with colleagues and individually, participants will be experiencing success as they navigate the challenges of the session.


Professional development is not finished after one session. Checking on participants' progress and scheduling additional sessions if necessary is key to an effective learning experience. It is important to see measurable growth with participants and this is done with post-session assessments.