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Go Forward or Go Back

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels A Tip from Boston I grew up in the seventies with bands like Boston, Jefferson Starship, Journey, and Styx, among a few. The first release by the band Boston was entitled Don’t Look Back. The song’s first line begins with, “Don’t look back, ooh, a new day is breaking.” A few lines later, the chorus is, “I can see, it took so long just to realize …Now I know what I am is holding me down; I’ll turn it around. Without getting overly analy

From Italy: Speeding Trains and Professional Development

Photo by Rohit Gangwar on Imagine traveling on a train that takes 11 hours to make a trip that takes seven hours by car. Then imagine getting on a train speeding along at 150 mph and taking less than two hours to travel 144 miles. Astounding, not really. My train travel experience on the West Coast is not exactly flattering. However, I recently traveled to Italy, where train travel is much the norm as trains from significant cities depart every ten minutes. Train t

Why Create Modules in Canvas?

Photo by Nadim Shaikh on Just Hit the Ball I remember taking up golf years ago. You would think that hitting that little ball that is planted on the ground was easy. However, it wasn’t about the ball at all, but how the club or iron struck the ball. Moreover, it came down the how well you mechanically swung the club. Little things like hip rotation, lifting your head too soon, your grip and the list goes on and on. Nevertheless, I gave up on golf as I just did not

And The Rush is On

Photo by cottonbro on Gotta Have It Most of us remember the release of the first iPhone in 2007. There was rush to buy it and it seemed everyone had to have it. Of course with any release of a product there would soon be problems as glitches abound. I remember buying a new vehicle ten years ago. It was the first in the line of remodels. I was excited about it as it was new and I had a new vehicle after driving my 97 Honda for 13 years. But as it turned out this new

Did You Say Pedagogy?

Photo by Tara Winstead on Some History Years ago I spent time at a training for history teachers where the topic was the pedagogy of teaching history. I had never given much thought to the word pedagogy. It seemed to be a word that was meant for discussion among professors at the highest levels of education. What I did not know was that this experience would transform how I teach. Fast forward to my current role as an educational technology consultant. The term pe

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