From Italy: Speeding Trains and Professional Development

Photo by Rohit Gangwar on Imagine traveling on a train that takes 11 hours to make a trip that takes seven hours by car. Then imagine getting on a train speeding along at 150 mph and taking less than two hours to travel 144 miles. Astounding, not really. My train travel experience on the West Coast is not exactly flattering. However, I recently traveled to Italy, where train travel is much the norm as trains from significant cities depart every ten minutes. Train t

Teacher, I’m Lost: The Why for a Course Home Page

Photo by Mike on Traveling Most of us have traveled beyond the confines of our hometowns. Many of us grew up using AAA maps and Thomas Guides to navigate to our destination. As a child I loved using maps to plot out family trips, determining ETA’s and alternate routes if needed. Kind of geeky? Yes, but l learned the importance of having a plan. The trip began at home and then it would usually venture north or south in Interstate 5 to the family destination with sto

You Have to Start Using Canvas Next Week

Photo by samer daboul on A Teacher’s Nightmare You have just spent the entire summer thinking about how you are going to teach your seventh grade science class in September. Periodically you go online to find some new lesson ideas as you are always looking for new ways to engage your students. Over the past school year you used Google Classroom as the instructional platform for students. It was fairly intuitive for both yourself and the students. Two weeks before t

Pandemic Teaching: Conversations with Teachers

Photo by fauxels on Pandemic Teaching and Technology In my previous post, I wrote about the permanency of technology in the instructional setting for educators. Over the past weeks, I have spoken to a few educators about what has changed for them in this area. There is no doubt that the use of tech tools beyond the general record-keeping for attendance and grading has now found a footing in most classrooms around the nation. Some teachers who were initially hesitan

Did You Say Pedagogy?

Photo by Tara Winstead on Some History Years ago I spent time at a training for history teachers where the topic was the pedagogy of teaching history. I had never given much thought to the word pedagogy. It seemed to be a word that was meant for discussion among professors at the highest levels of education. What I did not know was that this experience would transform how I teach. Fast forward to my current role as an educational technology consultant. The term pe